How does 
CycleSac work?

The CycleSac app uses your phone's GPS to record your bike routes in real-time. Take an active role in transportation planning with CycleSac by rating the quality of the bike route (how comfortable you were on your ride), sharing why you rode your bike (your trip purpose for each route), and noting some of the benefits/drawbacks of your bike route to local and regional planners. To check out frequently asked questions about CycleSac, visit our FAQ page.

Easy to Use

Mapping your bike routes and sharing feedback is a snap—open the app and click Start Trip . After your ride, click End Trip and select your trip’s purpose (e.g. “Work”), comfort level, and any extra notes about your ride.

Keep Track of Your Notes

Use CycleSac’s “Note This” to record assets and issues on your bike route and help you remember that one working water fountain in the park, or a bumpy stretch of pavement on your route.

Screenshots of the App

Take a tour through the easy-to-use app.

Our Partners

CycleSac is a project from SACOG in partnership with May is Bike Month and Sac Region 511.

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